Yay! v1.0 is here!

Hello and welcome to version 1.0 of ticketbuddy which is now live!


Following the success of our beta version, we have worked hard on new UI features and also behind the scenes on several improvements under the hood.

In this blog I explore two of the most exciting new features with the release of version 1, the promoter dashboard and stakeholders.

You can also find an up to date list of all the features offered by our platform here.

Promoter Dashboard

Our newly re-designed promoter dashboard enables you to easily manage, edit and update all of your events in one place.

Here you can add dates for each event, view and download your ticket sales and edit your promoter profile. You can also download a list of all the followers for that particular promoter.

V1 Promoter Dashboard

It is now also possible to switch between multiple promoters. This is ideal if you run several different ‘brands’ in different cities, or even entirely separate event companies that you wish to run independently.

Multiple promoters

Ticket Payouts via ‘Stakeholders’

It is now possible to split ticket income. This can be paid out to as many different ‘stakeholders’ as you like. These can be your own or third party stakeholders, such as a venue hosting your event.

This is perfect for joint venture projects or if you wish to split your revenue with a trusted partner.

Please note, there is a transaction cost each time you split your revenue to a different ‘stakeholder’ account (more info can be found on our pricing page).


Stay tuned for future blog posts to find out more about us, and, if you are new to ticketbuddy, please also sign up to our mailing list to be kept in the loop!