So, why ticketbuddy?

Thanks for following along the blog so far. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and gained a little insight into ticketbuddy.

In this episode, I take a deeper dive into how and why ticketbuddy was created in the first place!

So, why ‘ticketbuddy’?

ticketbuddy was born out of a need to help small and medium events get off the ground. It takes lots of hard work to create and promote events, particularly for those putting on a smaller event with typically a limited budget. High ticketing costs form a barrier no event organiser can easily afford.

Paying ticketing companies 10% (or more!) of your ticket sales is simply not fun for event organisers. Customers also hate high booking fees (of course who can blame them). So we hoped that lowering ticket fees would prove a popular approach that benefits customers and event organisers alike.

Unfortunately there is an unavoidable cost to accepting payments online. So we decided to integrate with Stripe who offer the lowest fees in the payments industry.

Stripe currently charge just 1.4% + 20p per transaction for European cards, and 2.9% + 20p for non-European cards. This is extremely competitive, and significantly cheaper than most other providers. This makes selling tickets with us as cost effective as possible. ticketbuddy also take no cut of ticket sales and charge no other ‘admin’ or subscription fees for using our platform.

Partnering with Stripe also means that event organisers can access their funds as soon as possible and determine their payout schedule via Stripe to suit their needs. We know this also helps recover those early costs involved in putting on an event as soon as possible.

We hope to offer a highly competitive product, perfect for selling tickets to a variety of events, at a fraction of the cost of many competitors…

Check out some of the typical fees (correct as of May 2021):

  • eventbrite (6.5% + £0.49)
  • fatsoma (10%)
  • fixr (4% + £0.99)
  • dice (10% plus 3% payment processing fee)
  • ticketweb (15% or more)

By comparison ticketbuddy is just 3% plus 50p per transaction. Please note this is per transaction (or ‘basket’ of a group of tickets sold in one go!). Some of the fees from other providers are per each individual ticket which makes them even more costly!

We are proud to have some of the lowest booking fees and the lowest payment processing fees on offer in the industry.

But, is ‘cheap’ any good?

Just because our platform is inexpensive, of course we still wanted to deliver a great product.

We hope our platform reflects this aim. You can easily create events, monitor your sales and begin to build your customer base online. It is possible to quickly edit event details, add multiple event dates and locations (perfect for repeat events or tours), and even determine how your ticket income is split between as many ‘stakeholder’ accounts as you like!

If you have no internet connection at your event venue, simply download and print your admission list beforehand as a PDF or CSV. We also have an offline option in the pipeline to enable event organisers to admit customers fast and efficiently, even without an internet connection!

We love customisation. It makes you and your event stand out. So our platform also allows you to add a description, social media links and contact information to your promoter profile. All the time your data remains yours, and you can download a list of your ‘followers’ whenever you need to.

So there it is…

So there’s a few of the reasons and thinking behind ticketbuddy. I hope they make sense!

We have a lot more exciting developments planned on our roadmap for the future.

It is still very early days for ticketbuddy, but we hope you can understand our vision and lend your support!